This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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Consumer Lending Director


Head of Product Development, Member of the Board


Co-Head of Product & Concept Development


VP Delivery Channels, Head of Digital Marketing


MD, Head of Global Product Platform


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Yuri TOPUNOVConsumer Lending Director

Customer Acquisition and Lifecycle Management in Digital Era

The presenter will share the real life fresh examples of using above- and below-the-line marketing campaigns and different digital instruments in structuring successful acquisition of new customers, cross-selling new products to existing customers, as well as enriching product value proposition to improve customer experience, grow the on-us customer wallet and boost the revenues as a result.

  • Marketing strategies: grow digital supported by conventional offline
  • Cross-sell: what, when and digitally how
  • Partnerships: structure a relevant and meaningful relationship
  • CRM: segmentation, wallet increase and revenue extraction
Mikhel MANDREHead of Product Development, Member of the Board

Innovation opportunities within life insurance

Holistic look at the life insurance industry, environment, trends and innovation opportunities for the future.

  • Our journey
  • Life insurance competitive environment
  • IoT, InsTech and selection of new business models across globe
  • Future perspectives
Matti HONKANENCo-Head of Product & Concept Development

Can established businesses & innovations flourish together?

Lack of management capability is the most severe limit for innovations in banking. Ahead of the greatest disruption in the banking, banks are forced to ride two horses: we must create new businesses as the old ones are losing their profitability, but at the same time we can’t neglect our established businesses as long as they generate most of our income. So both are needed, but they call for drastically different management. That’s a problem. They can however coexist in the same organisation, but only if their differences are properly recognized and managed.

  • Innovation units: How they should be built?
  • How to guarantee that ideas evolve into profitable businesses?
  • How to guarantee that both new initiatives and established businesses succeed?
  • Limits of organisations: Can you cater for disruptive innovation in the established organisation?
  • Cooperation between development and business units: From confrontation to fruitful cooperation
Begum OZALANVP Delivery Channels, Head of Digital Marketing

Missing long romantic walks to the bank

The presentation will cover Garanti Bank`s digital channels overview, Garanti`s digital position and how Garanti has coded digital into its DNA.

  • Adopting technology trends
  • Importance of internal efficiency
  • Placing customer experience to the center
  • Believing in collaboration and seeking opportunities in digital transformation era